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Photo of Dave Miller and Meagan Gumpert the owners and photographers and videographers at Maven Photo + Film
Meagan Gumpert climbing a rope wall in Asheville to get the perfect shot.
Dave Miller and Team Maven filming on location

About Us

Ocala + Central Florida Photography & Video

At MAVEN Photo + Film, we do things a little differently. Need a photo that doesn’t just ‘capture’ but captivates? Or a video that doesn’t just ‘show’ but resonates? We’ve got you. We’re in the business of creating visuals that pop and stories that stick. No fluff, just the good stuff— and sometimes, a wild move or two to nail the perfect shot. From branding to headshots, we’ve got the energy, the style, and the skill. MAVEN’s got your back for everything visual.

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At MAVEN Photo + Film, excellence isn’t just an aim; it’s a guarantee. With our seasoned pros, every touchpoint is designed to exceed expectations, delivering an engaging, insightful, and seamless experience.

Business + Branding

Whether it’s capturing quality headshots of your team or crafting an inside-look video of your operations, MAVEN Photo + Film stands beside you. We know high-quality branding and content can be key to a business’ success and we’re here to etch an unforgettable imprint of your brand in the minds of your audience.

Electricians photographed on-site during the World Equestrian Center's construction
Founders of Faithfully Guided Health Center photographed in conversation

People + Lifestyle

Bringing brands to life in authentic scenarios is our forte. Let MAVEN capture your brand or business in its’ true element with photos and videos that emanate authenticity. 

Food + Drink

From the morning’s croissant and coffee to the evening’s wagyu and wine, our mission is to ensure that visuals match the taste. With MAVEN’s precision in styling and lighting, we ensure your dishes entice long before the first bite.

Live Event

From the show-stopping highlights to those oh-so-subtle details, MAVEN’s touch ensures that not a detail, big or small, escapes our lens. Every laugh, toast, and touch – we’ve got it all on film!


Great images are like brand superchargers. We dig deep into styling your goods in ways that spotlight their perks, emphasizing what makes ’em special. Top it off with our expert lighting and framing, and bam – your brand shines bright.

ariat hats and boots ocala florida world equestrian center
Dave repelling on mountain to get premier footage of lake

Adventure + Travel

Got a wild location or an adrenaline-pumping gig in mind? Count us in! Whether it’s snapping from a chopper or documenting some intense repelling (or even disaster relief), we’ve been there, done that, and our passports are always on standby.


Stationed right in the heart of the Horse Capital of the World has its perks! We’re right around the corner from all the equestrian action in Ocala, Florida. And when it comes to top-tier equine photography, that is where we shine.

Arts + Culture

We get it, arts and culture, isn’t just for now, but for the ages. With our photography and videography excellence, we ensure every piece’s soul shines through and every artistic moment isn’t only felt now but forever.

Architecture + Spaces

Epic spaces deserve epic shots, right? From modern high-rises to those charming ol’ historic gems with all the nooks and crannies, trust us to shine the spotlight just right on your space!

Camera drone in action capturing footage of the 2022 Food and Wine Festival at the World Equestrian Center

Drone + Aerial

Up for a bird’s-eye view? With our commercial drone licenses from the FAA, we’ve got your back for all those stunning aerial shots that’ll make your project soar.

Ad Campaigns
+ Promotional

Need your product to pop or some lifestyle vibes? We’ve got the eye for that. Dive into our ad and promo photography, tailored to make you the talk of the town and give you that standout edge.

Photo of a painter painting a mural in Ocala, FL


Whoever tells the best story wins and when it comes to storytelling, videos are the MVP. From heartstrings to high-fives, it’s all about displaying the little things in a way that doesn’t just show – it resonates. MAVEN excels at weaving emotions and experiences that’ll have your audience glued.

World Equestrian

Sporting the title of one of the Official Photographers for the World Equestrian Center in Ocala isn’t just for show. From the adrenaline of live events to the allure of luxury stays and everything in-between, we’ve had the opportunity to showcase all aspects of this world-class equine facility and luxury hotel. So, whether it’s galloping action or gourmet dining, MAVEN’s on the scene. 

Drone footage of the Word Equestrian Center during the Oktoberfest event

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Welcome to our print gallery! We’re thrilled to offer a selection of high-quality prints featuring some of our most popular images. Whether you’re looking to decorate your home or office, or you’re in search of the perfect gift for someone special, we’re confident that you’ll find something you love.

Our prints are produced using the highest quality materials and printing techniques to ensure that each one is a true work of art. We offer a range of sizes and framing options to suit your needs, and we’re always happy to work with you to create a custom print that perfectly fits your space.